Argosy Studio Desk
Argosy: Mirage D240 Producers Desk

Available in Standard Black or w/Mahogany Hardwood Trim Panels

  • Padded Armrest
  • Powder Coated Steel Legs
  • Convex Desktop

Mirage has created a bold new standard for combining beauty and function. Each Mirage console provides an inspirational landscape that allows you to escape the trappings of techonology and gives you the opportunity to create your best work.

Mirage is available for a variety of mixer-specific applications, as well as universal desks suited for editing, trading, or table-top mixers.

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Argosy Speaker Stands

Argosy technical furniture brings order and convenience to your studio / control room. These X Stands provide just the right height for your close but large field monitors.

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Argosy Racks
Argosy: Mirage Rack

R11 & R14 are engineered with the same quality materials and signature leg style as our Mirage Consoles, Desks, and Workstations. Racks can be assembled vertical or with a 7 degree angle. The 11 space rack is designed to fit underneath our Mirage 240 desk for additional flexibility.

  • Assemble vertical or tilted
  • Powdercated Steel Base
  • Powdercoated MDF Body Panels
  • Removable Steel Mesh Rear Access Cover

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KK Audio Studio Desk
KK Audio: Digidesign C|24 console

Introducing the NEW KK Audio Digidesign C|24 console. This console has 8RU space in the upper rack ears (4 each bay) and a sliding computer keyboard/mouse shelf. It is offered with 3 different below the console versions: metal legs (no lower rack space), standard lower equipment racks (12RU each baserack), which can also be built with our "QuietRack" isolation rack(s), or the "Shadowbox" version (no lower rack space). This desk is offered with Oak, Maple, Cherry, or Mahogany wood trim with black laminate, standard version. This console can also be ordered with a custom laminate (anything non-black is custom) or a real wood veneer. Note: Cherry or Mahogany wood trim adds 15% to the cost. Adding a non-black laminate adds 10% to the cost. Add a real wood veneer adds 30% to the cost. Please specify wood trim and laminate or veneer when ordering.

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KK Audio Studio Desk
KK Audio: A1 Edit Desk

Designed for the venture between Apple Inc. Logic Studio and Apogee Electronics Corporation Ensemble, the KK Audio A1 Edit Workstation is the perfect composing and/or editing desk designed to fit a 30” flat-panel display and 4RU/4RU space in the upper rack shelves. There are 3 different options for a sliding shelf: 28”W sized to fit a computer keyboard/mouse, a 61-note midi controller, or an 88-note midi controller.

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KK Audio Studio Racks
KK Audio: Quiet Racks

KK Audio's solution for audible noise management, noisy computers, gear, etc., is to house your equipment inside a fully enclosed insulated Quietrack. The Quietracks include shock-mount front and rear rack rails, 2 or more fans depending on the number of rack space, an inside temperature gauge, rear cable inlet/outlet, front and rear door (opening to the left or to the right is your choice), and heavy duty casters. The front door trim options include: Oak hardwood, Maple hardwood, Cherry hardwood, Mahogany hardwood, or all black.

*Sliding CPU shelf is an upgrade option.

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Middle Atlantic Studio Desk
Middle Atlantic: MultiDesk Video

The all-new MultiDesk Video studio furniture line is equally suited for the project or professional studio. Specifically designed to accommodate most popular digital mixers, all the modular components of this versatile system can be used together in any combination ...allowing endless configuration possibilities!

Utilizing a modular design, the MultiDesk Video system allows you to configure your furniture to accommodate the way you work. Whether you're a corporate video editor or a freelance graphic artist, you can combine the six models in the series in any combination to create a system that meets your specific requirements. Featuring an attractive graphite top and sturdy steel tube legs, the new MultiDesk Video system makes application-designed multimedia furniture available to those who previously had to choose an office desk or other furniture ill-suited for the job.

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Middle Atlantic Side Bay Racks
Middle Atlantic: Side Bay Racks

Standard on all systems, Side Bay Racks are available in either a single or dual bay configuration and come complete with casters. The reversible top is contoured to match the desktop, allowing the racks to be positioned at a comfortable angle to the user. Additionally, these racks feature a unique two position top height, allowing the user to determine whether the racks join the desk flush, or slide under the desk top. Front rackrail is set-back 2" for equipment clearance, and rear rackrail can be positioned at any of four pre-drilled depths.

Gasketed plexiglass front doors and gasketed laminated rear doors control noiseand open 95° on concealed hinges. The rear door features a built-in ultra low-noise fan for cooling plus removable filter kit, and a brush grommet at the door bottom allows cable exit while maintaining a seal for noise and air flow. Most single bay racks come standard with front & rear door, while dual bay racks include doors on one bay only. Racks may also be ordered less doors.

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Middle Atlantic Studio Racks
Middle Atlantic: WRK-24MDK Presentation Enclosure System

WRK-24MDK studio enclosure system combines furniture elegance with a robust rolling steel enclosure in a deep video rack.

Incorporating an attractive graphite-speckled top that can accommodate large video monitors, the WRK-24MDK comes with a skirted wheel-base, latching front plexi door, and latching vented rear door.

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Omnirax Studio Desk
Omnirax: MiniStation

The MiniStation is a compact workstation designed for use with a smaller synthesizer keyboard, a computer and associated peripherals. This workstation is perfect anywhere space is at a premium.

  • Riser top has two 3-space rack bays for modules, with an open center area for storing disks or other small items.
  • Sliding computer keyboard/mouse shelf mounted underneath the riser bridge: 28.5"W x 11"D.
  • 8" overall clearance between desktop and bottom of riser top. The computer keyboard slide adjusts in height, allowing from 4.5" to 5" between the bottom of the computer keyboard shelf and the desktop.
  • Sliding writing shelf mounts to the underside of the desktop on either the right or left side, with 10" x 13" usable surface.
  • Lower shelf for storage, with a 7" x 18" cutout on right for mini-tower computer. If writing shelf is on the right side, the usable cutout for the computer is 7" x 16.125".
  • On heavy-duty casters for mobility and ease of cabling.
  • Grommets and cable troughs for easy and neat cabling.
  • Riser top can accommodate our PLEXMS music stand.

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Omnirax Studio Desk
Omnirax: Force 12

The Force Series is an elegant and expansive workstation ideal for audio / video editing, music production, and Communications/Dispatch applications. The Force Series is available in a choice of melamine laminate colors, as well as black melamine laminate combined with a choice of high-pressure laminate (HPL) desk and riser surfaces, creating a beautiful environment with a high-end look.

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Omnirax Studio Racks
Omnirax: CW30

A perfect match for any rack-mount mixer.

  • 14 spaces on the sloping top.
  • 10 spaces directly below, with 6 additional in rear.
  • Connects to angled or straight workstation desks.
  • 2" grommet holes for efficient cabling.
  • Top deck accepts E-4, E-6, E-10 for vertical expansion.
  • Mounted on heavy-duty casters for mobility.

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On Stage Stands
On Stage Stands: SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stand

3-point triangle base w/ leveling floor spikes. Height adj: 36.5-54"; 90 lbs. capacity.

This stand is designed with home and project recording studios in mind. The height adjusts for listening sitting or standing and will lock in place with a security pin. Three adjustable leveling spikes on the bottom of the base keep this stand stable on any carpeted surface. Entire stand breaks down into three pieces for easy storage and travel.

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Raxxess Desk
Raxxess: Graphite Workstation

Round-edged workstation with vinyl-finished graphite check around a solid steel structure.

Integrated cable management and floor levelers included.

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Raxxess Desk
Raxxess: Pre-Configured Config-U-Raxx Desk Systems

Pre-configured Config-U-Raxx desk solutions make it easy to put together a great workspace.

Shown with KBS keyboard tray accessory (sold separately).

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Raxxess Desk
Raxxess: Slanted Economy Racks

A simple, affordable rack design perfect for audio and video gear. Slanted front makes it convenient to see the equipment you are using.

Ships knocked down and is quick to assemble.

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Sanus Speaker Stand
Sanus: SF30 Foundations Steel Series

30 inches tall for small bookshelf speakers

The Foundations Steel Series SF30 is a 30-inch stand for small-to-medium bookshelf speakers up to 25 lbs. Its extra-large steel base includes optional carpet spikes for superior stability on any surface. Twin heavy-gauge steel pillars feature a concealed wire path and resonance damping rings, and they can be filled with sand or shot for added mass. The 6- by 6.5-inch top plate offers brass studs and neoprene pads for speaker isolation.

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Sanus Speaker Stand
Sanus: UF22 Foundations Ultimate Series

22" tall for medium to large bookshelf speakers

The Foundations Ultimate Series UF22 is a 22-inch stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. Its stable triangular base is made of minerals, resins and glass for superior resonance damping. Three textured gray steel pillars support an 8 by 8.5-inch steel top plate with brass speaker isolation studs for a stable, non-slip surface. Pillars can be filled with shot for added mass and have damping rings at both ends to effectively isolate vibrations. Base includes carpet spikes and rubber pads for use on any floor surface.

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Sanus Speaker Stand
Sanus: NFC18 Foundations Natural Series

18" tall for center-channel speakers

Foundations Natural Series NFC18 is an 18-inch stand for center-channel speakers up to 25 lbs. Its extra-large, black-lacquered MDF base includes adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet for stability. Twin hardwood pillars support a 14 by 8-inch top plate with adjustable-height brass studs and neoprene pads to provide superior isolation and resonance damping for center channel speakers. A patented wire management channel conceals and protects cables.

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Sound Construction Studio Desk
Sound Construction: Digistation Mixing Furniture

Our Custom Consoles are the choice of award winning professionals world wide. Critically acclaimed ergonomic designs keep your hands on gear at arms reach. Our mixing desk Consoles are manufactured from the finest select hardwoods, multi-ply cabinet grade plywood and all work surfaces are covered with real laminate. We never use particle board or melamine!

Whether you purchase one of our standard recording studio furniture models for Digidesign, Yamaha, Tascam, Toft, SSL or Sony mixers or choose to design your own customized digital audio workstation, your Custom Console arrives 99% pre-assembled for a lightning fast assembly. Standard wood trims include white oak or maple with a hand rubbed satin finish. Optional finishes such as walnut and custom hardwood are available.

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Sound Construction Studio Racks
Sound Construction: Studio Racks

Pro Audio Studio Equipment Racks come in a wide variety of single and multi-bay formats in either a slant rack (shown) or straight rack style.

Featured: R14-3 Shown with Oak Trim. The R14-3 is one of our most popular racks, allowing 42 RU rack mounted spaces in a triple bay format, each bay 14 RU high.

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Sound Construction Studio Racks
Sound Construction: Isobox Studio Equipment Racks

The IsoBox is the number one choice of award winning film, television, recording and post engineers and producers worldwide.

The IsoBox virtually eliminates hard drive, fan and spindle noise while allowing you to keep your hands-on computer gear at arms reach. It's the machine room that stays with you in the room! The Studio series is available in 12, 16, 20 RU, two fan formats.

Tired of searching for solutions to rack mount your G5? Try our new G5 / Mac Pro slide tray, the only horizontal non invasive rack solution, that only eats up 7 RU! The G5 slide tray is available exclusively with our IsoBox Studio and Post models.

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