Alesis Q25
Alesis: Q25


The Q25 is a 25-note, velocity-sensitive, MIDI keyboard controller with USB and traditional MIDI ports that enable you to connect to almost all MIDI equipment including software and sound modules. Thanks to Pitch and Modulation wheels, backlit Octave Up and Down buttons, and a Volume/Data Entry slider, you can add expression, range, and dynamics to your performances quickly and effortlessly.

Simply connect the Q25 to your computer with the included USB cable and you're immediately ready to begin making music. A single USB cable supplies power and data connection, and you won't even need to install drivers to make the Q25 work. The Q25 is class-compliant, which allows you to skip the programming and start playing instantly.

The Q25 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite, Alesis Edition software, for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box.

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Alesis Q49
Alesis: Q49

The Q49 is a 49-note keyboard controller that works with virtually all music software and MIDI hardware devices. The compact controller features USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI jacks for easy connection to Mac, PC and MIDI hardware.

The Q49 provides keyboard players with a full compliment of controls including pitch and modulation wheels, octave up and down buttons, an assignable data slider, and the ability to send program changes from the keys.

The Q49 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite, Alesis Edition software, for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box.

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Alesis QX49
Alesis: QX49

Take commanding, tactile control over any parameter of your favorite music software with the QX49. Through standard USB connection, the QX49 receives power while also transmitting MIDI data to your Mac or PC software or hardware device of choice. Punch out a drumbeat on great-feeling pads, open up a filter with smooth, tight knobs, or adjust volume and playback of sequencing software with long faders and snappy buttons. QX49's immense parameter control and velocity-sensitive keyboard get your hands off of the mouse and into the action for a more efficient, visceral music-making experience.

The QX49 comes with a copy of Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box.

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CME Z-Key Master Keyboard
CME: Z-Key 49/61/76/88 Master Keyboard

Z-Keys is the first keyboard range in the world with piano-style Zenith keys throughout the complete range. Zenith keys is the best comfortable piano-style keys that CME researched by several years.

The casing is manufactured in high quality aluminium for extra strength and the end panels in Piano-lacquered PE.

  • Professional semi-weighted keyboard with after-touch across the entire range of Z-Key series keyboards
  • Assignable data dial
  • Choice of velocity curve and aftertouch curve
  • USB bus-powered, Class-compliant with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X
  • Z-Key retains the excellence of all CME products, and its improved key sensitivity makes it feel like a real piano
  • Unlike keyboards with integrated keys, each key on Z-Keys is individual so can be adjusted indiividually for touch and response

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CME UF Classic
CME: UF 50/60/70/80 Classic Master Keyboard

CME has launched a new range, the UF-Classic, in its successful UF series of Master keyboards.

Undoubtedly the most attractive looking UF keyboard so far, the Classic series has an all-black finish, with the end pieces finished in tough black shellac - just like a traditional piano. The keybed frame is manufactured in iron to reduce the risk of twisting or distortion, and an aluminium upper casing in aluminum gives strength with minimal weight increase.

To give the customer the widest choice, CME's UF Classic range is available in 4 sizes, from 49 to 88 keys. All keybed sizes have velocity sensitive keys with aftertouch, the 88 keybed has professional hammer action keys.

In addition to the obligatory Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, the UF Classic series bristles with controls. 8 assignable control knobs, 9 assignable control faders, 6 assignable shortcut knobs …. the list goes on and on.

UF80 uses 88 notes hammer action weighted keys which provides you with the grand piano touch feeling as well as the reliable durability.

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CME: VX v2 Series Master Keyboard

CME has just released version 2 of their intelligent controller keyboard – the VX series. This was the first keyboard in the world with motorised fader controllers as well as having a multi-function expansion slot. As the first keyboard with 'PadStyle' intelligent MIDI songs and styles in the world, it can be updated via USB. It is also the first keyboard in the world with unique Game mode, Multi-scale and U-CTRL function.

  • The world's first keyboard with motorized faders
  • Full range of keyboards (49/61/76/88 notes) with after-touch and velocity sensitivity, VX80 has graded hammer action weighted keybed
  • Built-in breath controller interface and expansion slot
  • Red colour aluminium chassis design
  • Up to 64 programmable controllers and 12 trigger pads plus "Favorite Folder" function

VXv2 includes a brand new Game mode; users can use this function and their music books with VX to test their skill of performance, and students can learn many tips in this mode. VX is the first keyboard in the world that has build in multi-ethnic scales so you can play Arabian music or Asian music.

As with the UF series controller, VXv2 uses CME's famous and well-proven professional graded hammer action weighted keybed (VX8) and semi-weighted keybed (VX5/6/7) with initial and after touch, plusvelocity sensitivity.

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M-Audio Axiom Pro 25
M-Audio: Axiom Pro 25
  • 25-note, semi-weighted TruTouch keybed > expressive feel and response
  • advanced HyperControl technology > automatic MIDI mapping and updating
  • graphic LCD > quick, intuitive programming and preset creation
  • compatible with DAWs including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason > new standard for DAW and VI keyboard control
  • ASCII keystroke support > easy access to your host DAW's keyboard shortcuts

The Nord Wave gives you traditional analog sounds that interact and coexist The M-Audio® Axiom® Pro 25 keyboard controller builds on the acclaimed Axiom 25, delivering premium TruTouch™ action, proprietary HyperControl™ MIDI mapping technology and other cutting-edge enhancements in a compact model perfect for tight spaces. HyperControl automatically maps the keyboard's 28 controls to commonly accessed parameters in digital audio workstations including Pro Tools®, Cubase, Logic and Reason*, as well as software instruments. The constant two-way link with your host DAW means the keyboard's controls are always in sync with your software's active parameters. The intuitive graphic LCD constantly updates the current values, which ensures seamless editing and prevents parameter jumps—even when plug-ins are closed. Toggle instantly between Mixer and Instrument control modes. Map buttons to send QWERTY key commands right from the Axiom Pro 25. Save settings to 50 memory locations—each with four profiles of quick recall via the intuitive graphic LCD. Now you can control your entire session right from your Axiom Pro 25.

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M-Audio Axiom 61
M-Audio: Axiom 61 - New
  • 61 piano-style, semi-weighted keys > musically satisfying playing experience
  • 9 mixer-style faders and 8 smooth rotary encoders > hands-on control over your DAW
  • angled top panel and centrally positioned LCD > better ergonomics on stage and in the studio
  • DirectLink mode > automatically map onboard controls to DAW mixer parameters—no complex setup required
  • Axiom Instrument Maps > instant access to virtual instrument parameters for a hardware synth-like experience

The M-Audio® Axiom® 61 controller combines all the production power and performance you need to get the most from your music software and MIDI gear. More than just a "data entry" controller, the Axiom 61 features piano-style, semi-weighted keys for a musically satisfying playing experience. Large dynamic trigger pads make it easy to program beats and trigger one-shot samples—while the encoder knobs, faders, and buttons deliver complete real-time control over your software. DirectLink mode provides easy, automatic access to common DAW functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and virtual instrument parameters—no complicated setup required. Axiom 61 even features a sleek, angled top panel for easy viewing in any environment.

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M-Audio Oxygen 88
M-Audio: Oxygen 88
  • 88-note graded hammer-action keybed > musically satisfying, authentic piano feel
  • DirectLink mode > instant controller mapping to common DAW functions—no setup required
  • compatible with Pro Tools, GarageBand, Logic, Live, Cubase, and more > out-of-the-box integration with popular DAW software
  • dedicated transport and track select buttons > streamlined session control
  • 32 assignable knobs, faders, and buttons > hands-on control over software parameters

The M-Audio® Oxygen 88 USB MIDI controller delivers a highly expressive playing experience that's designed to satisfy players who need the feel of a piano combined with the power of a modern MIDI controller. The 88-note, graded hammer-action keybed offers an impressive feel and response—while 32 assignable buttons, knobs, and faders provide complete control over your music software. DirectLink mode automatically maps these onboard controls to common DAW functions* including transport, mixer, track pan, and plug-in parameters. Built-in presets offer support for popular virtual instruments right out of the box—no complicated setup required. Featuring an unparalleled combination of great feel, total control, and ease of use, Oxygen 88 is the perfect choice for both studio and stage.

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Novation Impulse
Novation: Impulse - 25, 49 and 61 key options

Impulse is a range of professional USB/MIDI controllers. They each have a precision keyboard and a full control surface powered by a brand new version of Novation's Automap control software - Automap 4 (which makes getting hands-on with your DAW/plug-ins fast and simple). Impulse also has 8 back-lit drum pads which can warp arpeggios, roll beats and launch clips in Ableton live.

Precision Keyboard:
Ultra-responsive semi weighted keyboard with aftertouch

Full DAW/plug-in control surface:
8 knobs, 9 faders and buttons (1 fader & button on Impulse25) and a custom LCD screen

Automap 4 control software:
Enables instant hands-on access to your DAW and plug-ins

Multi-function drum pads:
Warp arpeggios, roll beats and launch clips in Ableton Live

Impulse also comes with a stack of free software and sounds:

Ableton Live Lite - powerful loop based music-making software
Novation Bass Station - legendary analogue bass synth as a software plug-in
Loopmasters sample library - over 1GB of royalty-free samples
Mike The Drummer - 502MB of live drum loops and breaks

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Novation SL Mk II
Novation: SL Mk II

SL Mk II has been designed to give you complete control over your music making software. We have worked with each of the main DAW manufacturers to make sure each of the 56 knobs, faders and buttons control the things in your software that you need them to control. However, the really clever bit is that SL MkII can directly control your plug-in instruments and FX (you also get an Italian made, semi-weighted keyboard mechanism).

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Novation Launchpad
Novation: Launchpad

Jointly designed by Ableton and Novation, Launchpad places Ableton Live at your fingertips. Whether you're a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to truly 'play' Live.

With a multi-colour 64-button grid and dedicated scene launch buttons, Launchpad is purpose built for triggering and manipulating clips in Live, it also offers a totally new way of controlling Ableton Live's mixer. Launchpad's buttons can be used to sketch out beats with drum racks, and they can be assigned to other functions in Live using Ableton's 'Learn' mode.

Launchpad ships with a dedicated 'Launchpad edition' of Ableton Live 8, but can control almost any other music software using Novation's award-winning 'Automap' control software.

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Novation Launchpad
Vestax: PAD-One

The Vestax PAD-One is a solid robust MIDI pad controller, compatible with various DJ & DAW software and can be used to control any kind of MIDI device, including synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and electronic drums. The aluminum chassis will never warp or crack, ensuring you long life durability and stability. The PAD-One can individually assign pads on the fly, and shows you each pads MIDI value on the 7seg indicator. Compact, solid and reliable, the PAD One is the ideal item to your DJ arsenal.

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