akg wireless microphones
AKG: DMS 700

AKG's revolutionary DMS 700 is designed to deliver the very best audio quality, channel quantity and quick and easy operation. It is the first professional digital wireless system that meets worldwide transmission regulations.

Two frequency versions, each with up to 155 MHz frequency range of transmitter and receiver give the user the necessary flexibility even in a crowded RF environment. With this ultra wide tuning range you can operate with up to 100 channels simultaneously.

The digital audio transmission finally eliminates distortions and significant noise levels at high audio frequencies. It also protects you from bad audio performance due to low RF link quality.

Ideal for broadcast applications, conferences, courtrooms, houses of worship, stage and music performances.

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countryman wireless microphones
Countryman: E6i Omni Earset Mic

We've mounted our tiniest mic capsule on an even tinier boom that is rugged, flexible, and incredibly lightweight. Silicon padding at the earpiece helps keep the boom comfortably in place, even with glasses or other head-worn accessories. We offer the widest range of boom colors to match virtually any skin tone. The more-flexible boom on the E6i is very easy to adjust and perfect when one mic is shared among several people.

Practically invisible to live or broadcast audiences, the E6i is incredibly comfortable for the wearer. It captures the closest source clearly with excellent rejection of wind, ambient noise, and feedback. And its industry-unique snap-on cable extends the equipment life many times over. In addition, the snap-on cable makes your E6i compatible with virtually any wireless mic system - just buy a new cable instead of a new mic!

These are available in a wide variety of colors.

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Countryman: B2D Directional Lavaliers
Countryman: B2D Directional Lavalier

The B2D mic is easily the smallest directional lavalier in the world, with the next smallest mic being more than twice its size. Combined with exceptional sound quality and isolation, this tiny package opens up a new set of miking options that were previously unavailable. The tight hypercardioid pattern gives the B2D an extra 6-10 dB of headroom compared to an omni lav, meaning less problems with feedback, ambient noise, room rumble, and phase cancellations with multiple mics.

The B2D comes in a variety of colors.

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Countryman: ISOMAX Headset Microphone
Countryman: ISOMAX Headset Microphone

One of the best-sounding headset mics of all time, our Isomax Headset Mic remains the favorite of countless high-profile performing artists.

It's sleek, comfortable and stays snugly in place, even during dance-oriented performances. It zeroes in on its source, capturing warmth in a wide frequency range. It rejects unwanted sounds and monitor feedback even better than most handhelds. And it tolerates sweat, weather, and makeup better than any other headset. Best of all, it's affordable and durable, providing a long life of excellent sound.

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dB Technologies: PU860 UHF Wireless System
dB Technologies: PU860 UHF Wireless System

The PU860 UHF wireless system provides 16 switchable frequencies and convinces with outstanding sound and improved dynamics. The ergonomic ´one switch´ design allows easy handling. The integrated blue LED in the transmitter indicates clearly on/off and mute status.

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sennheiser ew 500-965 G3 wireless microphone set
Sennheiser: ew 500-965 G3

A dream come true in sound. This set is equipped with Sennheiser's flagship e 965 true condenser microphone adapted for evolution wireless G3 hand-held transmitters. Breathtakingly resonant and free of distortion, this large diaphragm dual capsule microphone can be easily switched between cardioid and super-cardioid. Impressive studio technology meets impressive wireless designed for the stage.

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Sennheiser: SK2000 XP microphones
Sennheiser: SK2000 XP

It's all in the design. The hand-held transmitter of the 2000 series shows its strength: during use, in its performance, in its features. Sennheiser's technical know-how is shown through its switchable transmission power, intuitive menu navigation, an easy-to-read graphic display and external charging contacts for charging the optional rechargeable batteries directly. SKM 2000 is compatible with all ew capsules, including the MMK 965-1 true condenser capsule, whose wired version, e 965, has already proven to be a great success. Colors: Nickel and black.

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Sennheiser: ew 135-p G3 microphone
Sennheiser: ew 135-p G3

A handheld system designed for field operation: this system is the perfect choice for ENG professionals. The rugged hand-held cardioid wireless microphone provides professional sound quality for interviews and reporting, even under unfavorable conditions. At the camera end of the wireless signal path is the portable and reliable EK 100 G3 adaptive diversity receiver.

Between April 15, 2012 and May 31, 2012, you can get a FREE HD 429 headphone or ME 2 lavalier via mail-in rebate when you purchase an ew 112-p G3, ew 122-p G3, ew 135-p G3 or ew 100 ENG G3.

Shure: PGX microphone
Shure: PGX

It's never been easier to go wireless and sound like a pro. Shure PGX Wireless brings the superior sound of Shure Microphones together with innovative automatic setup features in nine easy-to-use packages.

PGX Wireless Systems combine superior wireless technology, automatic set-up features and legendary Shure microphones to deliver the best sounding, easiest-to-use systems in their class.

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Shure: ULX-P microphone
Shure: ULX-P

Step up to ULX® Professional UHF systems (ULX-P) for professional sound installers and working musicians. Multiple system configurations provide limitless options, each with a choice of legendary Shure microphones or instrument cables.

Over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies are available, and Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel. ULX Professional systems offer more advanced features and controls, including lockable settings and group scan function.

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